CAI Work Environment - Culture

CAI's culture is respectful, encouraging, empowering, and devoid of status and bureaucracy. Based on a desire for associates to achieve and realize all of their potential, CAI supports the pursuit of knowledge and individual growth. CAI recognizes the importance of each associate's role and their individual contributions to the business. Our service offerings are founded on the acknowledgment that associates are a critical resource for success.

Empowering and Encouraging our Winning Resources

CAI associates respect each other's thoughts and ideas, are willing to "go the extra mile" for each other, and are challenged to think beyond their current paradigms. This collegial environment of respect and willingness to challenge the status quo allows CAI's business to continually improve.

Associates find that they are able to build relationships with other associates that go beyond day-to-day activities. Sports teams, picnics and social gatherings, special interest groups, and special events to wind down after a long workday or work week are part of the culture at CAI.