Application Support Case Study


A large pharmaceutical company needed their internal resources for a large strategic initiative. However, their existing production applications on which their company was run needed to be maintained. Standard support, like changes for government mandates needed to continue to be made in the production application. End user questions and support still needed to be provided. And standard system maintenance functions would remain necessary until the new application was built and fully implemented. The pharmaceutical company needed to find a qualified company that was able to back fill the existing resource pool and to take responsibility for the legacy application suite.


The new resource pool had to have an understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. However the processes and procedures intrinsic to the pharmaceutical industry are very complex and detailed. Further, the systems supporting these complexities had grown and compounded over time.

In addition to understanding the industry and the associated process and procedures within the company, the resource pool had to replace the existing knowledge workers within a limited time frame. The management of the support activities needed to remain in place so that priorities were addressed correctly and effort was not expended without an approved requirement.


Working as a team, CAI and the pharmaceutical company met the deadline. Within a three-month period, CAI transitioned all business and technical knowledge from the existing team. CAI managed the legacy applications, placing appropriate bridges between the original application and the new one as it was being rolled out. CAI took management responsibility for the legacy applications using a standard workflow process and defined service level agreements (SLAs). CAI enabled the company to meet their strategic business objective.

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