Service Desk Case Study


A large chemical manufacturer recently joined with another company to form a single operating entity. Both companies had helpdesks located throughout their organizations. In some cases the helpdesks functioned as a single point of contact for all activities surrounding the IT infrastructure. Some of these activities included ordering new hardware, repairing existing hardware, monitoring the servers for performance, and managing the backup process. In other cases, departments that did not coordinate with each other performed these activities. As a result, users were not receiving the quick, efficient, and reliable service that they needed to remain productive.


All helpdesk organizations within the manufacturing organizations needed to be combined under a single umbrella. On-site resources at remote locations needed to be coordinated by a single organization that would set priorities, manage tickets, and assist with managing OEM's like hardware manufacturers. All activities surrounding the desktop and the organizations' backbone, like the network, needed to be monitored and measured on a regular basis. Without one or all of these activities, end users throughout the organization would experience degradation in their ability to be productive because of the state of their technology tools.


CAI worked with the manufacturer to develop a plan for transitioning the many distinct helpdesks and desktop services organizations into a single operating unit. Once transitioned, CAI implemented their helpdesk solution, which enabled the manufacturer to have a single point of integration for all support issues. All incoming calls were handled with a defined process, issues were tracked, and on-site resources were dispatched to address desk-side issues. The helpdesk also functioned as the administrator of all hardware acquisitions. Large volume contracts were signed with OEM's that resulted in thousands of saved dollars. Metrics monitoring of all helpdesk related activities was implemented to manage the performance of all helpdesk personnel. By monitoring all activities in a quantitative fashion, we were able to reduce the overall cost of the support activity. Today the manufacturer continues to use CAI as their single point of integration helpdesk. A strong partnership has been forged that enabled the manufacturer's resources to become more productive while the overall cost of the support effort has been reduced.

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