Application Knowledge Capture

Institutionalizing Business and Operational Knowledge are critical components of any business organization's strategy. The capture and easy deployment of business software application knowledge is one of those critical knowledge components.

Application knowledge is a business asset. Business application software knowledge is typically in the heads of employees or contractors. Capturing application software knowledge before it leaves the business can be the difference between normal business operation and business interruption.

 Capture and preserve your intellectual knowledge

Protecting this information involves developing, managing, and maintaining an application knowledge repository. The institutionalized application knowledge needs to be available to the entire IT organization anywhere in the world. Without the investment of capturing this critical application knowledge, business and government IT organizations may face such situations as decreased service levels, business disruption, costly re-creation of information, and expensive training requirements.

CAI's Application Knowledge Capture (AKC) process identifies and creates critical application knowledge content. The AKC process systematically gathers existing information from various resources.  The captured information is stored into standardized knowledge templates for instant recall.

AKC improves the results delivered from the IT support organizations by:

  • Dramatically improving recall and use of critical application information
  • Enabling performance improvement and/or cost reduction by reducing the time to resolve problems which have a history of recurring and whose solution has already been determined

The AKC service offering reduces business risk:

  • Offers protection of strategic application knowledge assets
  • Overcomes current constraints resulting from consultants having all of the application knowledge and prepares the client for future direction from management or business needs
  • Enables greater flexibility and reduced risk in redeploying key application knowledge workers in strategic IT initiatives

Why CAI?

  • CAI has 20+ years experience in developing and successfully implementing AKC for hundreds of clients
  • Core Competency
  • Minimal Disruption to Existing Staff
  • CAI has Focused/Dedicated Resources within the AKC Practice

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