Healthcare is one of our nation's most visible, yet most costly, markets. Healthcare related services and products represented approximately 10% ($987 billion) of the 2000 U.S. gross domestic product. Consumers and legislators continually lobby for decreased cost and improved productivity, hoping to increase the quality of care. As a result, healthcare organizations are facing increasingly competitive pressures while continuing to operate within the parameters of governmental regulations. These circumstances have created a significant need to leverage information technology in the healthcare marketplace.

Strategic Solutions to Enable the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry includes a variety of organizations including healthcare payers, providers, hospital associations, medical distribution, and pharmaceutical companies. In order for healthcare organizations to overcome IT challenges, IT Divisions must increase capacity, decrease cost, improve quality, and devote more internal resources to strategic projects in their portfolio mix.

CAI has been providing information technology strategic outsourcing solutions to a number of healthcare related organizations with great success. CAI's service offerings enable the healthcare industry to focus on strategic initiatives, free their staff of application support responsibilities, and achieve greater productivity with their existing staff. This then transfers decreased costs, improved productivity, and increased quality of care to the consumer.