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There is no doubt that local law enforcement act as the eyes and ears on the ground in the front lines of fighting crime. And in today’s climate of instant communications with criminal elements working closer together to gain an edge on law enforcement, local police must work as effectively as possible to stay one-step ahead. This includes intelligently sharing data amongst themselves as well as with other law enforcement agencies regionally so as to be as effective as possible.

Consolidate, analyze and disseminate emerging information in a timely manner.

Further, today's climate demands that public safety officials use all at their disposal to enforce the law and maintain public safety. One area that is winning the battle to keep the public safe is the utilization of information technology to gather, evaluate, interpret, and disseminate the immense amount of information associated with law enforcement. This is being accomplished at the local level through Regional Intelligence and Investigation Centers (RIIC’s). A RIIC a scalable, connected clearing house of data that consolidates, analyzes, and communicates information to those in the best position to react on it. Most likely this may be a criminal investigation. It could also be counter-terrorism intelligence or public safety information. The key to a RIIC is that it is local data shared across local public safety officials that have a strong knowledge of the local environment. RIIC’s are now an essential tool for law enforcement officials.

CAI recently completed the Lehigh Valley Regional Intelligence and Investigation Center (LVRIIC) in Lehigh Valley, PA USA. Though only operational for a relatively short period of time the Center has already been instrumental in helping solve three homicides. See complete details about this RIIC in the Case Study on the LVRIIC available here

CAI has broad experience in developing and maintaining significant law enforcement projects. This includes the deployment of the New York Police Department's Real Time Crime Center. This is a world-class facility with state-of-the-art technology that provides law enforcement officials with a clear advantage in their pursuit of criminals. The center utilizes:

  • Information made available before an officer arrives on the scene
  • Information searches across billions of records in minutes
  • Real time access to multiple repositories from across the enterprise
  • Personalized, configurable, intelligent alerting
  • Collaboration through tracking and managing captured knowledge
  • Identified patterns and trends across current and historical data
  • Integrated mapping technology

CAI also has technology experience in other areas of Public Safety. For example, CAI worked with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Special Investigations Group (SIG) through the US State Department. This included the installation and support of a Case Management System (CMS) to track terrorists and terror-related events. And CAI is working on a CMS for the Republic of Kenya’s Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) to build and install a system to upgrade their current technology for investigations. CAI also provided the design of the proposed Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Fusion Center, an all-hazards information analysis center designed to counter terrorism, abate crime, and maintain public safety.

CAI’s RIIC’s utilize a flexible technical structure to complement law enforcement processes while leveraging standard packages to better manage bottom line costs. Speed is another significant determining factor in the creation of our Centers. CAI uses a "plan-build-run" cycle in small, rapid steps to ensure that tangible results are quickly available and that those that need the Center most get the information they need. The NYPD Real Time Crime Center had applications up and running within 6 months.

For a state-of-the-art RIIC CAI offers:

Architecture and infrastructure:

  • Design and delivery of the complete solution system infrastructure including hardware, operating systems, application servers, security domains, databases and more
  • Third party systems installation and integration
  • Development of custom solutions, when necessary
  • Delivery mechanisms including: portal, blogs, alerts, RSS e-mail, and others
  • A proven understanding of, and blueprint for, integrated information analysis and intelligence systems
  • Bridging, integrating, and combining multiple data sources into a coherent data approach including internal data sources, local, state and federal agency data sources, public domain data sources, and services

Analysis tools and services including:

  • Search tools providing structured (database) and unstructured (text) searches; finder tools for Persons, Locations, and Incidents and more
  • Role-based security with single sign on across the system
  • Help desk investigative environment with self-serve access or RIIC internal analyst support
  • Rich result sets including mapped results for spatial/proximity analysis
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Link analysis and higher order analytics
  • Real time alerts: customizable alerts for occurrences of persons/incidents/locations of interest sent directly to designated law enforcement official - basically a 'watch list' functionality
  • Collaboration tools and information spaces for detective groups and case workers
  • Real time information systems
  • Dashboard summaries of critical indicators
  • Crime patterns management system
  • Integrated GIS and mapping including:
    • Pin-maps for incidents/locations of interest
    • Analytic density/heat maps for rolling statistical representations
    • Entity resolution and relationship analysis

For more information on our Public Safety solutions or to contact CAI click here: PUBLICSAFETY@COMPAID.com