For over 20 years, CAI has been providing strategic outsourcing information technology (IT) solutions to utility organizations in the U.S. As a result, CAI is exceptionally knowledgeable about many of the important issues confronted by this industry. Through supporting mission critical mainframe applications as well as providing critical business and technical knowledge for the deregulation effort, CAI has added experience with a myriad of applications upon which utilities operations depend. CAI offers industry specific solutions to enable utility companies to remain competitive, increase IT efficiency, and provide consumers with quality services.

Solutions for Today's Utility Organizations

The utilities industry in the U.S. is changing, in large part due to the legislation mandating deregulation. For some companies this means an opportunity to expand their business and territory and for others it requires consolidation. Regardless of the cause or the effect, many core business practices and the systems that support them need to change.

CAI has experience in enabling utility organizations to prepare for this changed business paradigm. Senior analysts have performed both functional and technical activities to make the necessary changes to existing core business systems. In addition, CAI has provided development and support solutions for entire applications to improve business efficiencies and services and reduce the costs associated with information technology.