Advanced Management Insight

The Advanced Management InsightSM tool enables you to leverage quantitative and qualitative data to facilitate proactive management measures. Using configurable analytics and assessment capabilities, Advanced Management Insight:

  • Highlights opportunities to lower cost and improve quality
  • Facilitates early operational insight to monitor performance and identify risks in real-time
  • Performs risk assessments that gain visibility into areas that need attention
  • Performs a consistent review process that is minimally intrusive
  • Enables organizations to leverage the experience and knowledge of their best people
  • Institutionalizes a learning process
  • Allows data capture, assimilation, and analysis from internal and external sources with out being intrusive
  • Produces tailored dashboards for executive, middle, and operation managers
  • Provides a single repository of operational data from all lines of business

Advanced Management Insight enables you to leverage quantitative and qualitative data to assess performance, identify risks, and take proactive measures to address problems. AMI systemically collects and analyzes hard and soft data. If an anomaly is found, questionnaires are sent to find out why. The results of the automatic root-cause analysis are displayed in dashboards that are like having a sophisticated control room... and all without the need for programming.




Advanced Management Insight's information control room provides:

  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Governance
  • Reduced Costs
  • Accumulated and Leveraged Knowledge
  • True Management Reporting System

The Advanced Management Insight differentiators and components let you leverage metrics, current and historical data to respond to potential problems before they become unmanageable. Multi-level views, dashboards, and reports provide the necessary management information for all levels of the organization.


  • Early operational insight
  • Consistent and minimally intrusive review process
  • The ability to perform risk assessment
  • Minimized operational surprises
  • Leverage your best knowledge for any domain area
  • Institutionalizing a learning process
  • Ability to customize practices and standards  

Application Components

Advanced Management Insight provides a proactive and quantitative approach to managing your key business functions and projects.

The tool has:

  • Central repository of all projects
  • Institutionalized project diaries and desired metrics
  • Dashboard and reporting system
  • Full life cycle diary
  • Multiple opinion perspectives
  • Best practice assessments to identify risks
  • Issue management
  • Customizable risk assessment framework

Application Differentiators

Advanced Management Insights provides total management feedback when you need, how you need it.

Advanced Management Insight:

  • has a low cost of ownership
  • is minimally invasive
  • can be used for any process or product
  • provides management with multiple opinion perspectives
  • is configurable without programming

Report Examples Page

  • Trends, data, and metrics
  • Key performance indicators dashboard
  • Exception reporting
  • User defined data and reporting
  • Historic trends
  • Risk scoring