The primary focus of an IT organization is to provide the information processing capability required by the business. As a result, there is a shortage of quality integrated tools for managing the delivery of IT services.

The CAI Tracer Engine

Tracer Engine

IT organizations must balance the delivery of three major categories of services: (a) operational services, (b) unscheduled on-demand requests such as problems and consultation requests, and (c) scheduled projects and enhancements. Each service category requires different management processes.

CAI created Tracer to provide "visibility and control" of any service delivery activity. Tracer's "Process Configuration Module" is used to define and enforce processes that can vary based on the type of service event while the "Event Management" capability logs and tracks specific events. "Task Management" allows detailed tasks to be defined, scheduled, and managed and the "Time Management" functions provide detailed time tracking. Additional capabilities are included to automate estimating, track issues, scope changes, and service level goals and provide access to information using configurable dashboards and performance reports.

Tracer is also designed to interface with other tools such as Help Desk or Project Management to provide a single point of visibility for managing all service delivery and reduce duplicate maintenance.

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