Value Proposition

World Leader in IT Metrics and Productivity

CAI operates on the principle that IT solutions should be delivered at a fixed price, on time, and within budget. Since 1981, CAI has been focused on the development of service models that leverage defined processes and performance metrics in order to maximize visibility, control, and productivity. Each of CAI's offerings enables customers to concentrate on their core competencies while preserving customer control over the IT function.

 High Productivity, Fixed Price, On Time, Within Budget, Defined Processes, Metrics

High Productivity

Defined processes and performance metrics allow CAI to increase the productivity of IT development and support functions by up to 30%. Increased productivity leads to reduced costs, higher levels of end-user satisfaction, and increased shareholder value.

Fixed Price

More than 90% of all IT projects in our industry are completed on a Time and Materials (T&M) basis. With T&M, it is difficult to manage the project's scope and expended time. In contrast, CAI provides a fixed-price, shared-risk approach to IT development and support. At CAI, all projects contracted on a fixed price provide customers with a guarantee that the agreed upon scope of work will be completed at the agreed upon price. CAI is not selling hours; we are selling results.

On Time

Fixed price and on time delivery go hand in hand. Field proven estimating techniques and performance metrics enable CAI to provide customers with a known delivery date and price. Over the past 10 years, 94% of our projects have been completed on time or early.

In Budget

With fixed price, the budget is known. No surprises - ever! CAI delivers the results customers expect at an agreed upon price. When possible, CAI works to reduce the annual price on multi year maintenance engagements by increasing productivity and effectiveness.

Defined Processes

CAI's field-proven methodologies, metrics, and tools improve management control of the IT function and provide the foundation for continuous process and quality improvement in all IT environments. CAI's methodologies were developed using standard industry approved models and enhanced overtime using a best practices approach. Commitment to process enables CAI to guarantee quality deliverables time after time.

Performance Metrics

Productivity improvement and performance management requires detailed accurate reporting of all resources. CAI's proven methodologies, standard estimating techniques, and proprietary tools eliminate subjectivity and help customers make better IT decisions.