About the Assessment

The free CAI "Application Support Process and Risk Assessment" will provide you with insight into the current health of your Application Support organization. The assessment questions are based on established IT Service Management and ITIL v3 Best Practices and CAI’s 25 years of experience in Application Support. These questions are not theoretical but practical and actionable at the operational level. The Assessment will provide:

What type of Work Status and Service Metric information is being collected by the team and how well it is being reported

What Work Processes and Procedures the team is following and how well they are following them

What work Quality Control Processes and Procedures the team has in place

How well the team is adhering to the team charter, Statement of Work, or Service Level Agreement (SLA)

How your Internal Customer views the quality of the support that is being provided

Upon Completion of the Assessment

Upon Completion Upon completion of the Assessment, you will be provided with a URL, Logon ID and password, where you will be able to graphically view the results of the Assessment data which have been completed by your Manager/Leader of the Application Support team and by a key Customer user of the Support Team's services.

There are 2 ways in which you can review the results of your assessment.

We will send you an email with a link to your assessment results. You can then review the “How-To” tab which provides instructions for viewing and navigating through the Assessment results or

You can request a review session with one of our Industry experts who will walk you through your Assessment results and provide you with insights based on issues and risks identified by the Assessment.


When you submit this assessment request, two emails will be automatically generated to the Team Manager and one email to the Key Customer of the Application Support team. These emails will contain the following text and links to the sets of questions that each must answer - two sets for the Team Manager and one set for the Key User / Customer. You will be copied on both emails. We would encourage you to contact both individuals and inform them of the assessment and what your expectations are for completing the assessment questions.

As soon as all Assessment sections have been completed, we will notify you via email that the results are ready to be reviewed. Thank you very much for participating in the Application Support Process and Risk Assessment.

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