Application Support

CAI's Managed Maintenance Methodology and proprietary tool suite, Tracer, is designed to provide clients with a comprehensive package of process and systems expertise optimized to achieve superior application support quality and performance.

Redeploy your Experts to Strategic Projects

Why Optimize Application Support?

The application support portfolio:

  • Impacts every aspect of the business which comes into contact with software
  • Is comprised of thousand of tiny interactions (moments of truth) which form lasting impressions with business users
  • Represents 20-30% of IT spend
  • Is at risk of significant loss of business and application knowledge
  • Has the potential to provide double digit savings while providing greater IT alignment with the business and greater IT credibility with the business community

CAI Differentiators:

  • The ability to standardize a business's application support environment around industry and client-centric best practices
  • The capability to automate desired behaviors and outcomes to institutionalize success throughout the entire IT organization
  • The discipline and tools to measure all relevant data points providing high levels of management and team visibility to enable a rich, service level driven environment
  • The ability to provide an unprecedented level of Visibility, Control, and Optimization of the application support environment


  • Hard Dollar Savings - Total spend on application support will be decreased enabling funding to be freed to spend on high value projects or realized in the form of cost savings
  • Increased Capacity - Enhanced visibility enables greater resource optimization and ensures resources are working on the right things
  • Reduced Risk - The highly measured and controlled environment will reduce the risk of IT not providing value back to the business. Commitments are handled on time, within budget, and with high quality
  • Improved Business Alignment - Visibility of effort enables fact based decision making and leads to improved creditability with the business community

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